Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Places: Port Nolloth

Two weeks ago, Suhale and I went on an epic road trip across the North West Province, Northern Cape, Western Cape and Free State provinces of South Africa.  It took us 8 days but in this journey we saw and did some incredible things.

One of the places we visited was the tiny town of Port Nolloth in the Northern Cape.  One of the most North - Western coastal towns of South Africa, Port Nolloth rose to fame during the discovery of diamonds.

We arrived at Port Nolloth on a Wednesday afternoon.  The difference in weather between Springbok and Port Nolloth is incredible.  As you drive along the National road between these two towns (a mere hour apart), even the vegetation alters.

An arrival to Port Nolloth hits you in the face with a whiff of sea salt and breeziness.  While the locals reassured us that this was hot weather for them, we did find there was a chill in the air.  This is the effect of the cold Benguela sea current that runs across the West coast of South Africa.  As a holiday town, Port Nolloth is one to enjoy most for its people, food and scenery. The town is quite safe and simple.

Things to do in Port Nolloth:

A visit to the Port Nolloth Museum - This museum is in a wood and iron building and was founded by Grazia de Beer.

Chat to the locals - The people of Port Nolloth are warm, chatty and down to earth.  They live in a close knit community where everyone knows each other and walk the streets of the town.

Eat Seafood - we sampled a lot of fish and chips, more times than the number of days we were there (yes we did)


Take a walk along the beach - the beach is quite beautiful, though parts of it are badly littered.  We enjoyed a walk on the end of beach road (away from the main town area, where it was less polluted).  The sunset was beautiful.

Stay in a place with a view - The weather can be too windy to enjoy a walk on the beach.   The place we stayed at in Port Nolloth was beautiful - Bedrock Lodge.  This old building made such a mark on us, I will be blogging about it on its own.

Port Nolloth is a nice little town.  We would go back as the relaxation and renewed energy a visit to this town gave us was lovely and the genuine hospitality of its community was refreshing.