Tuesday, 15 September 2015

I turned 29!

My birthday is something I always look forward to.  It's a day of cake eating, birthday song receiving, non birthday suit wearing shenanigans.  Everyone sends you messages and you feel so special. 

My birthday was officially last Monday, 7 September.  Turning 29 is a reminder of facing the facts:  I will become a 30 year old soon!  Being almost 30 could be devastating.  I'd love to be cool forever, a youth icon.  Perhaps I'll think back at 39 and laugh at myself for dreading my 30's. 

The truth is, I feel like a giant kid still but I've become wiser, learned to understand myself, learn from my past, I pass on my knowledge and cherish the life experience my 20's have offered me!

I think of those closest to me and am thankful for my friends, my cats, my immediate family and most importantly, Suhale.  These relationships and life experiences have made me into a fully functional, independent giant kid. I suppose at 40, I'll be a more experienced kid. Here's to youth having no age! 

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