Thursday, 9 July 2015

Instagram Inspiration

I love the sense of connection of instagram.  It is a wonderful thing being inspired by imagery and getting to know what life is like in someone else's city.  Instagram really is a global community where you can find the best people whom you identify with.

I wanted to share the accounts of a few of my favourite instagrammers from around the world.  If you're looking for something inspiring, click on the image and give them a follow!
 Nonihana_ is an instagram account run by Yukiko Masuda from Japan.  You can expect pretty and well styled pictures of her flowers and food.
_S.P.C.C. is a South African men's clothing brand.  The models are styled beautifully and the clothing is amazing.  I recommend this account for fashion lovers and guys looking for cool style inspiration.
Livingitrural is Remo's instagram account about his farm life in Holland.  This isn't typical farm life though - think of forests, elk and deer.  It's an unbelievable account of life that is so distant from what I know to be real, it's magic.

Papersnapstudio is the account of 1 of my favourite South African illustrator teams.  Their account showcases their illustrations, screen prints, products and more.  Their account is a visual feast!  They are also some of the nicest people I know and I've blogged about them a lot :-).
Ridhwaanmoolla is an Australian graphic designer with great taste and style.  I love scrolling his feed for pictures of coffee, food, interiors and people.  This is the life I want to live.

I'm always looking out for new instagrammers to follow!  Any suggestions?  You can find me at winkingplum

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