Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Beautiful Find: Il a neige ce matin! (Illustration)

This fold out French book by Steffi Brocoli is filled with happy, colourful illustrations of animals covered with embossed foliage elements, hiding away because of the snowy morning.

The simplicity and craftsmanship in this book is quite lovely.  I like that the only text is a hand written typeface denoting the book title and a simple mark indicating the publisher's name.

"Embossed (children) book, published by Mango 31x24cm - 39 pages (2012)

In the quiet snowy forest, animals are still sleeping. Follow the prints and guess who is hidden behind
the trunk, the rock and the bush!

This book can be read as usual, or it can be unfold." - Steffi Brocoli

You can view more of Steffi's work here.

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