Thursday, 23 July 2015

Recent Posts on Change Exchange

I've recently started writing for Bright Rock's site called "Change Exchange" which focuses on change moments in the lives of its writers / Change Agents.

I have written 2 posts for them this month which I think you would enjoy reading. 

1) My first piece was about the ways in which Pinterest inspires renovation projects and how it can at times become demotivating because of its creation of unrealistic expectations.

2) My second piece is all about my style inspiration for comics choice awards and how I come to terms with finding a glamorous style that still reflects who I am.

Have a look and let me know what you think :-)

Thursday, 16 July 2015

DIY Eid Envelopes (Free Printable)

Eid is coming up in a few days, it's a wonderful holiday spent with family and friends, eating a lot of delicious things and making jokes and visiting lots of people.  It's quite an exciting day in the Islamic calendar and one of my favourites, marking the end of Ramadaan, the fasting month.

Eid is a time for giving - children receive gifts and sometimes money from their aunts, uncles and parents.  Receiving a wad of cash sounds ace right about now, but to make it a little more special, I designed an Eid money envelope printable that makes giving money a little more personal and special.
If you use the printable please send me pictures, I'd love to see!  Have a blessed Eid!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Beautiful Find: Il a neige ce matin! (Illustration)

This fold out French book by Steffi Brocoli is filled with happy, colourful illustrations of animals covered with embossed foliage elements, hiding away because of the snowy morning.

The simplicity and craftsmanship in this book is quite lovely.  I like that the only text is a hand written typeface denoting the book title and a simple mark indicating the publisher's name.

"Embossed (children) book, published by Mango 31x24cm - 39 pages (2012)

In the quiet snowy forest, animals are still sleeping. Follow the prints and guess who is hidden behind
the trunk, the rock and the bush!

This book can be read as usual, or it can be unfold." - Steffi Brocoli

You can view more of Steffi's work here.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Instagram Inspiration

I love the sense of connection of instagram.  It is a wonderful thing being inspired by imagery and getting to know what life is like in someone else's city.  Instagram really is a global community where you can find the best people whom you identify with.

I wanted to share the accounts of a few of my favourite instagrammers from around the world.  If you're looking for something inspiring, click on the image and give them a follow!
 Nonihana_ is an instagram account run by Yukiko Masuda from Japan.  You can expect pretty and well styled pictures of her flowers and food.
_S.P.C.C. is a South African men's clothing brand.  The models are styled beautifully and the clothing is amazing.  I recommend this account for fashion lovers and guys looking for cool style inspiration.
Livingitrural is Remo's instagram account about his farm life in Holland.  This isn't typical farm life though - think of forests, elk and deer.  It's an unbelievable account of life that is so distant from what I know to be real, it's magic.

Papersnapstudio is the account of 1 of my favourite South African illustrator teams.  Their account showcases their illustrations, screen prints, products and more.  Their account is a visual feast!  They are also some of the nicest people I know and I've blogged about them a lot :-).
Ridhwaanmoolla is an Australian graphic designer with great taste and style.  I love scrolling his feed for pictures of coffee, food, interiors and people.  This is the life I want to live.

I'm always looking out for new instagrammers to follow!  Any suggestions?  You can find me at winkingplum

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Beautiful Find: Wishlist - SA Street Style

Every now and then I love going on a great window shopping experience.  I'll get in my car, drive to Brooklyn Mall, walk around and look at all the lovely things just because. 

Online life is no different.  From the hours I spend on Pinterest and scrolling through e-stores, online window shopping is a firm fave!

I curated this wishlist board of the loveliest things available in SA which I think will make for a pretty ace street style for the city girl.  
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Pretty Cool, Right?  Go Get Em! 

Friday, 3 July 2015

Interior Inspiration: Bathrooms

I have spent hours on Pinterest scrolling through amazing images of interiors for inspiration for all my "one-day" rooms.  I've been thinking of revamping my bathrooms and wanted to share some pictures of things that have been inspiring me.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

I love the hexagon tiles and black and white bathroom palettes.  I'm also in love with the greenery in a bathroom but knowing my luck, they wouldn't last.  A few pamper products from Aesop would be lovely too! ;-)  For daily interior inspiration, follow me on Pinterest.  :-)

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

We Went To Morocco (Travel)

Suhale and I love traveling.  You may have noticed from my instagram page that we recently visited Morocco. We decided to take a Topdeck tour called "Moroccan Explorer".

I have always wanted to try a trip with them and because of the Boxing Day sale last year, we made a booking.  I suspected that an organized tour might be touristy and commercialized but the experiences we had ended up being genuine and enjoyable.  There were so many great things about our trip and without giving too much away, I've tried to sum it up:

Morocco's landscapes, architecture, heritage, culture, food and people are all part of its unique identity and attraction.  Engaging with all of these in some way or another in this trip was brilliant.


Traveling with other young adults enhanced the trip experience.  Morocco is not the first destination of choice for straight out of high-schoolers so you could say our tour group comprised of a more mature young adult group.  It was wonderful making friends with people across the world.

Our tour leader, Mohamed, was great.  His stories, guidance and friendliness added value to our trip.  Mohamed, guided us well and assisted us in bartering, ordering food and arranging places to eat and visit that we truly loved.  Mohamed is an official trek guide in Morocco, and has his own tour company Atlas Trekkers Morocco.  Check it out!

Spending the night in the Sahara dessert was surreal.  It is one of those once-off experiences that transport you in time.  You can forget that this is 2015 and really immerse yourself in the beauty of the dessert and its people.

Each region of Morocco has its own way of cooking and its own flavour.  The best tagine we ate was in the dessert.  It was cooked over the fire the entire day and had a wonderful smoky flavour.  An unforgettable experience was dining in a house in the Medina in Fez.  We had a beautiful home-cooked dinner at a local's home.  His wife described the menu that she and her mother in law had cooked.

The blue Medina of Rabat and the beautiful view of the ocean is something no photo can really express.  I loved the experience of listening to our guide, a resident of the Medina in Rabat, his stories and the view we collided into at the top of the hill.

If you are planning an upcoming trip, consider the Moroccan Explorer:  it was a unique and enjoyable trip that was well organised yet still authentic and I suspect you will love it.