Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Father's Day (Free Printable)

I know my dad is the one person that I can resonate with when it comes to humour.  I can think of many family gatherings where he made the whole family laugh, travels where his animated spirit crossed the language barrier and entertained the local people (sometimes to our embarrassment).

  #braaitime with the family #fatherdear
My dad out of all things, is resourceful.  He can make anything out of anything that happens to be lying around.  I've seen him make furniture out of balustrades, a clothing rail out of a broken gazebo - you name it, he can make it. 

My pa is awesome and I'm pretty sure yours' is too!  Here's two super cool printable tags to tie on a gift for him this father's day!  You can use it for his birthday too!
What are your awesome dad memories?  I wanna know!

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