Monday, 29 June 2015

My Story on Change Exchange

It's been over a year now since I decided to go out on my own way and leave behind the job life.  It's overwhelming reflecting on all that has happened since then.  I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have made for myself.  I find "me" here, now a better version of what I was, able to offer my best hours to my most meaningful endeavors.

Opportunities have come knocking on my door like girl scouts, full of metaphorical cookies that are delicious but never make you fat.  It sounds like fantasy, right?  Wrong.  This is real life and you can have it too.

I'll be sharing more of what I have been up to in the next couple of weeks but for now, one of the coolest things that have come my way is the opportunity to reach more people with my stories of positive life changes through Change Exchange, an online platform of change stories from people across South Africa.

So far, I have shared my story about where I was a year ago, having left my job and looking forward to delivering on my own dreams.  Looking back, it was really a pep talk I gave myself and I hope it
sparks something inside of you that results in a positive life change too. 

Look out for more pieces I'll be posting on Change Exchange.  Have a good week, lovelies!

Friday, 26 June 2015

Freebie: Brick Bear Wallpaper

You may remember my post on the process building of this brick bear a few weeks ago.  I love the pixelated brick aesthetic of his little face, so what did I do?

I made him into a pattern and stuck him on my desktop as a wallpaper.

Yes.  Bear-y Nice.  Hehehehe.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Beautiful Find: Paper Fruit Calendar by Nearly Normal Craft

It's nearing the end of June and one of the things that saddens me is seeing the abundance of diaries and calendars marked at discounts on the shelves of stationery stores.  As a designer, I've considered designing and making a calendar / journal at some point and the question of how I can improve on the traditional calendar and what I would do with excess always scares me out of it.

Nearly Normal Craft have taken the challenge of redesigning the annual calendar with a difference.  Each month is depicted in a 3 dimensional way - using fruit as inspiration!

Each month is represented with a portrait format poster containing an image of a 3 dimensional fruit with the month's number on the fruit.  The dates are cleverly aligned to the left of the poster, creating an abstract calendar.

It's a fresh and colourful approach to the annual calendar and becomes a wonderful graphic keepsake beyond the calendar year.  You can see more of Nearly Normal's work on their Behance page.  Have a beautiful week folks!

Friday, 19 June 2015

My Comic's Corner Take Over on Comedy Central Africa

I recently got the opportunity to take over Comics Corner, a new blog platform on Comedy Central Africa written by SA comedians.

I decided to write about my experience so far in the industry and I didn't hold back.  It's quite a funny piece and if you want to know what it's like being a comic, this is the real deal.

Here's the promo clip Comedy Central Africa did for the post:

So dorky!  *Embarrassing* You can read the full article here:

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Father's Day (Free Printable)

I know my dad is the one person that I can resonate with when it comes to humour.  I can think of many family gatherings where he made the whole family laugh, travels where his animated spirit crossed the language barrier and entertained the local people (sometimes to our embarrassment).

  #braaitime with the family #fatherdear
My dad out of all things, is resourceful.  He can make anything out of anything that happens to be lying around.  I've seen him make furniture out of balustrades, a clothing rail out of a broken gazebo - you name it, he can make it. 

My pa is awesome and I'm pretty sure yours' is too!  Here's two super cool printable tags to tie on a gift for him this father's day!  You can use it for his birthday too!
What are your awesome dad memories?  I wanna know!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Friday, 12 June 2015

Places: The Art of the Brick Exhibition, Rosebank

The Art of the Brick is a touring exhibition showcasing the work of Nathan Sawaya.  Inspired by the concept of play, Sawaya constructed an impressive collection of complex and beautiful Lego sculptures which imitate man, popular culture, classic works of art and more.

The exhibition unfolds from room to room, becoming more fascinating with each sculpture.  The perception that Lego is a child's play thing is quickly dispelled and the incredible possibility of what creativity may generate.

The Art of the Brick will leave you inspired and reconnected to the childhood spirit of playing.

The Art of the Brick is currently being exhibited at The Zone in Rosebank, accessible by Gautrain.  The exhibition will end 2 August 2015.  Tickets are R140.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Recent Work: Events for Africa (Branding)

I was recently approached by friend, Mubinah Esat, for the design of a logo for her start-up business, Events for Africa.  Mubinah is an inspiring lady, who comes from Zimbabwe.  She studied law and is following her passion to start a business in events in Zimbabwe.

This series of images were used to inspire the colours, textures and image of her brand.


Mubinah loves Africa and wanted to reflect her business's patriotic and continental roots.  We decided that a continent icon would be appropriate for her brand.  Her logo development was based on modern and traditional aspects of African growth, values which her business reflects.

I considered the growth and transformation of African business in the logo concept.


The logo developed as a 3 dimensional icon with colourful and monochromatic variations.
We wish Mubinah the best of luck in Events for Africa and hope to attend one of her events soon!

Are you interested in branding or re-brand of your business?  Contact me, I'd be happy to help!