Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Places: Pretoria Boeremark

One of my favourite places and things about Pretoria is the Boeremark.  A real life farmer's market with fresh produce, pancakes, Afrikaans people and folk treffers.

The Boeremark is an authentic farmer's market.  The prices are good, the produce is so fresh and everything is local and seasonal.  The best part is that by shopping at Boeremark, you are supporting local farmers, giving yourself a fresh and lovely Saturday morning outing and keeping a tradition of farmer culture and appreciation alive in Pretoria.

My favourite breakfast foods at Boeremark are Sharon's Pancakes, the Asian Vegetarian fried treats at the entrance of the market, traditional melk kos and Baker Boys Muffins.  The best coffee can be found at Big Tree Coffee.  There is an abundance of beautiful fresh flowers and herbs which you can plant in your garden, all well priced.


 Go on and visit the Boeremark, you'll love it.   The market opens at 5:30 and closes at 9:30.  It's located in Silverton, Pretoria at the corner of Pretoria & Keuning Streets.  What are your favourite local markets?

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