Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Winking Plum Blog is 1 Year Old

I cannot believe it!  It's been one whole year since I opened up blogger, with no sense of what I really wanted to do and just started blogging here.

It's been a wonderful journey sharing my past year with all of you on this blog.  There have been busy times, travels, design milestones and leaps in my comedy career which if you asked me a year ago, I would have never seen coming.

Happy Birthday Winking Plum!

Yeah, this is one of those soppy posts where I'm going to get all deep and reflective but I guess that's what you all love about me!  I know, right?

Why did I start Winking Plum?

I started this blog to help myself find where it is I wanted to go in life after resigning from a job which I felt was creatively suffocating.  I wanted Winking Plum to be a free space for me to generate creative content and share things which inspired my creativity.

What would I change going back?

I doubt I would have changed much.  The more non - refined posts have been part of the process of skills development and finding my voice as a blogger - finding what it is I want to share and why I am sharing it.  I still don't have a complete grasp on that but I'm getting there.  :-)

Why Winking Plum?

People ask me this all the time.  When I tried thinking of a name for my blog, I didn't want it to be too serious or too similar to other blogs.  I wanted a name that was positive, sweet and had a sense of greeting.  I thought about the Wink as an alternative form of saying hello and is not dominated by any other brands.  And then "Plum"- it's happy, it's delicious and yellow plums are one of my favourite fruits. Together the words sound really great.

Who are the Bloggers that inspire me to keep blogging?

There are 3 blogs that I constantly return to.   These bloggers make me aspire to improve my content and continuously embrace the unique facets of my own lifestyle as a place to generate unique content.

Happiness Is Blog - Fathima Kathrada was a school mate of mine and although we didn't speak much in school, I have watched her beautiful blog grow over the years and we have become friends.  Her illustrations are gorgeous and bespoke and her blog inspires me to believe in myself.  She became a freelancer a few years ago and her growth and impact in the design industry is so inspiring.  She's one of those success stories that you constantly root for because she is such a brilliant person and designer!  Yeah!

SkunkBoy Blog - Katie Shelton has the best hair, tattoos and is a mom!  To me, she delivers cool like nobody's business.  She is multi-talented and writes content about her band, her family, her weekly wears and does craft and sewing DIY tutorials.  Her variety of interests under the one roof of her blog inspires me to blog about all the things I do, even if they don't overlap completely.  Katie also blogs for A Beautiful Mess.

Lucky Pony Blog - Angie Batis is a top blogger in SA.  There are many top bloggers but she is my favourite and I think it's because of the way she writes.  Her descriptions are so graphic and hilarious.  Angie is one of those risk takers that also inspire me to believe in myself.  She opened Wolves, and then The Good Luck Club, both of which are of the coolest places in Joburg.  She's now sold them and opened Good Luck Club 2.  In between all this, she renovated her home, she had a baby, her husband's in the great SA band Desmond and the Tutus and she started 2 more blogs.  This girl is on fire and I can't wait to see what she does next.  Angie inspires me to take risks.  In Angie's words - I can do it.  Yes I can.

Where do I see Winking Plum going?

Something inside of me looks at the sucess of other blogs and I constantly think, will I get there and do I want to get there?  The answer is yes.  It's not the glory of getting freebies or being an online celeb that motivates me (those are such nice perks though).  It's more the opportunity to impact more lives with the things I do and the things I've learned.  I realised that every fibre of who I am has led me to be a tastemaker.  As a designer, I shape popular culture in the way people perceive brands and spaces.  As a comedian, I publicly shape thoughts in the minds of audiences using humour as a vessel to deliver these ideas.  As a blogger, I share the things that inspire me in hope that I inspire others with interesting bits and pieces.  Somehow, when I face facts, It's kind of my destiny to shape cool and I understand it takes time to get there - I don't doubt I will get there.  Really, it's a matter of time.

And now a message to my audience.

Thanks to everyone who has been visiting my blog.  Since day 1, I know at least someone somewhere out there reads every post.  That person is me.  I am just joking.  I'm glad you are all here, and please visit soon.  Bring some tea and cookies and spend the afternoon, there's a year worth of things to see.  you will love it.  As I say on stage, "Let's be posh and take a bow".  Classy.

You can Read More about Why I started Winking Plum here.

Happy Birthday to Me.  Here's the Birthday Cake as a Card Printable for you to download.

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