Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Places: Kakamas & Keimos

Traveling along the roads of the Northern Cape are scenic and beautiful, but also hot and dry in Summer.

The water wheels of the small towns of Kakamas and Keimos distinguish them from your run of the mill small town.  Most waterwheels are no longer in use, but some are used to direct water and irrigate the vineyards along canals which border the towns' main roads.

We visited the tourism office, based in a structure designed to emulate ancient Egyptian Architecture as the temperature in Kakamas and Cairo were identical.

Here, we learned about the history of the water wheels, things to do in the town and the historical floods which forced the repair of the bridge between Kakamas and Keimos.

The stretch of roads between Kakamas, Keimos and Augrabies are flanked by pad stals - road stalls - which stock varieties of locally dried fruit, crafts and refreshments.  We stopped at a number of padstals but the one that stood out was the Pienk Padstal in Kakamas.

The bright pink facade, pink quartz gravelled courtyard and interesting crafts made this pad stal an interesting place to stop on our route.

What are your favourite small towns?

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