Friday, 27 February 2015

Comedy Olympics next Wednesday!

Karmen and I have now had 2 successful shows at Space Dot Comedy and so so excited to announce our new open mic night:  Comedy Olympics.

Comedy Olympics is an opportunity for experimental comedy.  Established stand up comedians, people of the public and pretty much anyone who wants to try comedy can contact us to be put in the line up of this show.  10 Comics, 5 minutes each, winner gets cash prize!

Comedy Olympics are going to be brutal though,  5 minutes are 5 minutes, run over and run the risk of being buzzed out.  And what is an Olympics without a winner and a prize?  Crowd favourite (at the discretion of Indie Comedie) will win a cash prize and be awarded the Indie Comedie medal for comedic achievement. Stolen jokes will lead to a humiliating disqualification.  Hehehe, cannot wait.

Only R30 entry for audience. 

The show takes place on the first Wednesday of every month at the basement of Bean Republic, an indie coffee shop owned by Edwin Ndlovu, located along Corlett Dr, Joburg.

Will we see you there?

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