Friday, 27 February 2015

Comedy Olympics next Wednesday!

Karmen and I have now had 2 successful shows at Space Dot Comedy and so so excited to announce our new open mic night:  Comedy Olympics.

Comedy Olympics is an opportunity for experimental comedy.  Established stand up comedians, people of the public and pretty much anyone who wants to try comedy can contact us to be put in the line up of this show.  10 Comics, 5 minutes each, winner gets cash prize!

Comedy Olympics are going to be brutal though,  5 minutes are 5 minutes, run over and run the risk of being buzzed out.  And what is an Olympics without a winner and a prize?  Crowd favourite (at the discretion of Indie Comedie) will win a cash prize and be awarded the Indie Comedie medal for comedic achievement. Stolen jokes will lead to a humiliating disqualification.  Hehehe, cannot wait.

Only R30 entry for audience. 

The show takes place on the first Wednesday of every month at the basement of Bean Republic, an indie coffee shop owned by Edwin Ndlovu, located along Corlett Dr, Joburg.

Will we see you there?

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Watercolour Tags - Free Printable

Happy Thursday, what better idea for throwback Thursday than to relive the romantic age old art of water colours?  I recently came across an amazing design resource packby Design Cut.  I've never seen such a mother load of beautiful resources and I had to get it! 

I used a few of the elements to put together these beautiful tags for you to use!  Yay!
If you make use of these printables, please post pictures on instagram with #winkingplum.  I'd love to see how you use them!  You can find the resource pack I used to make up these printables on Design Cut.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Beautiful Find: Fashion Photography by Kasia Bielska

It's not everyday that beautiful fashion photography graces our eyes. Kasia Bielska is a talented photographer who styles shoots using colour and fashion in a striking way.

"Strong colour palettes and barren sets assist Kasia Beilska in creating wonderful works that transport you into a variety of worlds where each model has a specific personality reaching out from the photographs." - Lauren Payne, Pitch Present

 Bielska's work is inspiring and I can't wait to see more of her alternative work.  You can view more of Kasia Bielska's photography on her site.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Recent Work: Sol Plaatje Exhibition Graphics

It's not everyday that designers get to work on projects which make an educational and social impact.  I was fortunate to be involved with this project - Sol Plaatje Museum through in Awe, run by an ex collegue, Helene van der Westhuizen..

My scope of work involved resolving a layout for the museum space based on sizes and heights of the panels required for the museum content as well as the design and resolution of each graphic panel to be installed in the museum, using information and images issued to us by the museum board.

Here are some of the panels I designed for the space.

It has been a long time since I've worked on projects of this scale and I am so looking forward to seeing the installation.  I think it's going to be beautiful.

The Sol Plaatje exhibition will be installed in Bloemfontein by the end of this month.

What have been your most memorable museum experiences?

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Change The World and Be Happy

Seems silly to have to have to justify the gravity of what you're trying to do in this world, right?  Well, others will always demad an explanation for your journey.  Whatever it is you do and wherever you may be, keep going towards the light - and by the light, I mean the happy light, not the death version.  You deserve to be happy, even if it's inconvenient for others.  Have a happy week, friends!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Space Dot Comedy is TONIGHT!

Happy Friday!  If you're in Jozi and want your weekend to be even happier, come to Space Dot Comedy!  I'll be performing stand up comedy and would love to see your faces!  

The show is in Joburg Theatre which is in the vibey Braamfontein area of Joburg.  The theatre has safe parking so you will have peace of mind while laughing your patootie off.  Last month's show was an absolute riot and I hope to see you tonight!

Here are the artists who will be performing! ;-)

 The artists are really excellent - some of the best in South African comedy.  You will love us!

Will I see you there?

Thursday, 19 February 2015

White Kitchen Trend - Interiors

White is timeless, classic, bright and beautiful.  If you have any doubt or quandary as to what colour a space should be, always go for white.  I love the feeling of a crisp white interior broken up with vintage pieces and timber, it really is lovely.

I have been yearning to change up my kitchen and have been spending lots of time on Pinterest looking at beautiful kitchen ideas.  Here are some of my favourite:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

I think I'm loving marble a bit much! ;-) 
For mor Kitchen Inspiration, follow me on Pinterest!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Places: Kakamas & Keimos

Traveling along the roads of the Northern Cape are scenic and beautiful, but also hot and dry in Summer.

The water wheels of the small towns of Kakamas and Keimos distinguish them from your run of the mill small town.  Most waterwheels are no longer in use, but some are used to direct water and irrigate the vineyards along canals which border the towns' main roads.

We visited the tourism office, based in a structure designed to emulate ancient Egyptian Architecture as the temperature in Kakamas and Cairo were identical.

Here, we learned about the history of the water wheels, things to do in the town and the historical floods which forced the repair of the bridge between Kakamas and Keimos.

The stretch of roads between Kakamas, Keimos and Augrabies are flanked by pad stals - road stalls - which stock varieties of locally dried fruit, crafts and refreshments.  We stopped at a number of padstals but the one that stood out was the Pienk Padstal in Kakamas.

The bright pink facade, pink quartz gravelled courtyard and interesting crafts made this pad stal an interesting place to stop on our route.

What are your favourite small towns?

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Space dot Comedy 20 February 2015

You will have seen pictures from our first Space dot Comedy show at Joburg Theatre.  Well, we are so excited to announce our line up for the next show, and can't wait for you to join us!

Karmen will be hosting and I will be performing in support.  We have newcomers, Rachael Neary and Snooze, as well as established comics, Loyiso Madinga, Robby Collins and Donovan Goliath.

I cannot wait.  It will be brilliant!  BUY TICKETS

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Winking Plum Blog is 1 Year Old

I cannot believe it!  It's been one whole year since I opened up blogger, with no sense of what I really wanted to do and just started blogging here.

It's been a wonderful journey sharing my past year with all of you on this blog.  There have been busy times, travels, design milestones and leaps in my comedy career which if you asked me a year ago, I would have never seen coming.

Happy Birthday Winking Plum!

Yeah, this is one of those soppy posts where I'm going to get all deep and reflective but I guess that's what you all love about me!  I know, right?

Why did I start Winking Plum?

I started this blog to help myself find where it is I wanted to go in life after resigning from a job which I felt was creatively suffocating.  I wanted Winking Plum to be a free space for me to generate creative content and share things which inspired my creativity.

What would I change going back?

I doubt I would have changed much.  The more non - refined posts have been part of the process of skills development and finding my voice as a blogger - finding what it is I want to share and why I am sharing it.  I still don't have a complete grasp on that but I'm getting there.  :-)

Why Winking Plum?

People ask me this all the time.  When I tried thinking of a name for my blog, I didn't want it to be too serious or too similar to other blogs.  I wanted a name that was positive, sweet and had a sense of greeting.  I thought about the Wink as an alternative form of saying hello and is not dominated by any other brands.  And then "Plum"- it's happy, it's delicious and yellow plums are one of my favourite fruits. Together the words sound really great.

Who are the Bloggers that inspire me to keep blogging?

There are 3 blogs that I constantly return to.   These bloggers make me aspire to improve my content and continuously embrace the unique facets of my own lifestyle as a place to generate unique content.

Happiness Is Blog - Fathima Kathrada was a school mate of mine and although we didn't speak much in school, I have watched her beautiful blog grow over the years and we have become friends.  Her illustrations are gorgeous and bespoke and her blog inspires me to believe in myself.  She became a freelancer a few years ago and her growth and impact in the design industry is so inspiring.  She's one of those success stories that you constantly root for because she is such a brilliant person and designer!  Yeah!

SkunkBoy Blog - Katie Shelton has the best hair, tattoos and is a mom!  To me, she delivers cool like nobody's business.  She is multi-talented and writes content about her band, her family, her weekly wears and does craft and sewing DIY tutorials.  Her variety of interests under the one roof of her blog inspires me to blog about all the things I do, even if they don't overlap completely.  Katie also blogs for A Beautiful Mess.

Lucky Pony Blog - Angie Batis is a top blogger in SA.  There are many top bloggers but she is my favourite and I think it's because of the way she writes.  Her descriptions are so graphic and hilarious.  Angie is one of those risk takers that also inspire me to believe in myself.  She opened Wolves, and then The Good Luck Club, both of which are of the coolest places in Joburg.  She's now sold them and opened Good Luck Club 2.  In between all this, she renovated her home, she had a baby, her husband's in the great SA band Desmond and the Tutus and she started 2 more blogs.  This girl is on fire and I can't wait to see what she does next.  Angie inspires me to take risks.  In Angie's words - I can do it.  Yes I can.

Where do I see Winking Plum going?

Something inside of me looks at the sucess of other blogs and I constantly think, will I get there and do I want to get there?  The answer is yes.  It's not the glory of getting freebies or being an online celeb that motivates me (those are such nice perks though).  It's more the opportunity to impact more lives with the things I do and the things I've learned.  I realised that every fibre of who I am has led me to be a tastemaker.  As a designer, I shape popular culture in the way people perceive brands and spaces.  As a comedian, I publicly shape thoughts in the minds of audiences using humour as a vessel to deliver these ideas.  As a blogger, I share the things that inspire me in hope that I inspire others with interesting bits and pieces.  Somehow, when I face facts, It's kind of my destiny to shape cool and I understand it takes time to get there - I don't doubt I will get there.  Really, it's a matter of time.

And now a message to my audience.

Thanks to everyone who has been visiting my blog.  Since day 1, I know at least someone somewhere out there reads every post.  That person is me.  I am just joking.  I'm glad you are all here, and please visit soon.  Bring some tea and cookies and spend the afternoon, there's a year worth of things to see.  you will love it.  As I say on stage, "Let's be posh and take a bow".  Classy.

You can Read More about Why I started Winking Plum here.

Happy Birthday to Me.  Here's the Birthday Cake as a Card Printable for you to download.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Beautiful Find: Douk Douk Knives

I'm not really one to be yielding a blade on an everyday basis but Douk Douk Knives kind of make me want to make space in my pockets for a shiny pretty piece.

These beautiful engraved knives are French made from a single sheet of metal and have been manufactured since 1929.

"The external engraving of the douk-douk was created in 1929 by Gaspard Cognet of Cognet,   Antoine & Gaspard for sales to France's colonies in Oceania. The handle depicts a "douk-douk", or Melanesian spirit incarnation. Cognet based the design on an engraving in an illustrated dictionary. 

Later other designs such as the "El Baraka" and "Tiki" were developed for other regional markets, particularly in French Algeria, and even south into Sub-Saharan Africa..."

"...Originally intended as an inexpensive utility pocket knife for the ordinary working man, the popularity of the douk-douk caused it to be pressed into service as a weapon when necessary. During the 1954-1962 FLN-led revolt in Algeria, the douk-douk was used as weapon of assassination and terror; Algerians who ran afoul of the FLN frequently had their noses removed by the knife's razor-sharp blade. It could easily be converted from a folding-blade pocket knife into a useful fixed-blade dagger by the simple expedient of hammering the ends of the sheet-metal handle together behind the blade's bolster, locking the blade into the full-open position." - Source

The clean design, Arabian references and rich history of the Douk-Douk knife really make it a meaningful piece.  I want one.  Let's go back to Paris.