Thursday, 15 January 2015

Recent Work: Just Mother Tongue (Branding)

Being in the entertainment industry, I'm often perplexed by the wasted opportunities for great graphics in entertainment branding.  Maybe it's just me, but I feel all brands should have a great identity, so when Nina of Just Mother Tongue approached me for ideas for her new brand, I was excited to help them out.

Just Mother Tongue is a new entertainment brand founded by comedians, Nina Hastie and Mashabela Galane.  The idea behind Just Mother Tongue is to develop Performance Arts in South Africa in vernacular and indigenous expressions.

Just Mother Tongue required a logo that reflects the upbeat vibrancy and cultural focus of the brand, however it should be interpreted in a cool and trendy way.

In the logo development, inspiration was taken from patterns in traditional African textiles and interpreted with contemporary and solid graphic forms.  The cleanliness of the black logo will make it easy for the client to apply the graphics onto promotional material and keeps this brand timeless.
I also developed a promotional graphic idea for print based on the Mageu Box which is a nutritional and inexpensive South African drink in a carton.

Here's to wishing Just Mother Tongue all the best in their business - can't wait to attend their shows!

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