Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Introducing Indie Comedie

Sometimes a girl's just got to go out and get it for herself.  In this case, it's two girls.  In case you are lost and / or new to this blog, I'm a stand up comedian.  I've been a comic for almost 3 years now and given my recent opportunities and career growth, I've decided to team up with fellow comic, Karmen Naidoo to form our joint brand, Indie Comedie.

Indie Comedie is our brand spanking new entertainment venture.  We will be hosting our own shows on monthly and weekly basis with the goal to increase comedy platforms and help other young comics to transition from open spot to support comedians. Every now and then, we hope to do big shows and show South Africa what comedy brings to the table. It's scary as can be but so exciting too!

If you're in Gauteng, be sure to come to our opening show at Joburg Theatre.

It's going to be beautiful and we can't wait to see your pretty faces.  

You can also find me blogging about more comedy things at Indie Comedie's Blog.  


If you'd like to book some awesome comics, Karmen and I are always keen and we have friends who are comedians too.  We love comedy and it shows.  Contact Us!

Now let's pop some non alcoholic champagne - Yay for us! ;-)

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