Friday, 16 January 2015

Beautiful Find: Blue Bird Toffee Tin (Vintage)

I know what you're thinking - a toffee tin without the toffee...  What is she on about now?  True, I do have a certain emptiness without a toffee in my mouth right now but the beauty of this vintage tin does make up for it.

I was in An Teak Kettle in Queenswood again - I often find myself there browsing the old goodies - and this gorgeous Blue Bird Toffee Tin caught my eye.  I quite liked that it was so different from other tins in that it had darker colours - which happen to be my favourite colours of the moment - black, gold and navy blue.


I read up on Blue Bird Toffees because I wanted to date my tin.  Date my Tin.  Hee hee.  According to the Bennet Family Pages, my tin should be from the 50's / 60's - how amazing!

If you want to have a look at the excellent things at An Teak Kettle, read this post.

What are your favourite vintage items? 

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