Monday, 14 April 2014

Beautiful Find - Paper Jet Design

When I stumbled across Paper Jet Design on Instagram, I felt a number of things.

1) Amazed - Their illustration style is so happy and "hand-drawn". I love that they screen print most of their products.  Really alternative!
2) Inspired - Thanks to what I've seen, I've been inspired to get moving on my own product range in the Winking Plum Workshop.
3) Jealous - Why didn't I think of this first? (Said with love)

Here are some of their products:

I am so taken by their innovative application of illustrations.  All of their products are so creative and delightful, go have a look!

Best news ever - Paper Jet Design is a South African Design Brand, so by purchasing their products, you are supporting local design, which makes you a local hero.  And everybody loves a hero!

You can find Paper Jet Design at Market on Main, purchase their products at a number of stockists across SA or order online.

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Be Yourself

This is a pep talk I have often given myself, when I've felt inadequate, out-shined or weak in a situation.  There's no point in wasting time trying to imitate others - all it leads to is overshadowing the greatness in yourself.

Image from Observando

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  Play your strengths and improve your weaknesses.  Most importantly - No one can beat you at being you.  So be yourself.

Happy Monday Wonderful People! ;-)