Friday, 11 April 2014

Interior Inspiration - Pastel Perfect by Winking Plum

Today's interior inspiration focuses on the pastel colour palette!  Pastels are a current trend in interiors and fashion.  Have a look at this inspiration board for ideas on introducing pastels to your home interior:
one / two / three / four / five / six

- Pastels are a soft and light colour palette.
- Pastels introduce subtle colour tones to an interior space.
- Complementary palettes are wood and metallic textures, as well as a crisp white.
- These colour tones can be found naturally in succulent plants, which can be used as interior accents.
- Upgrade old furniture with a coat of pastel acrylic paint in various shades.
- Multiple shades of the pastel colour palette work well alongside each other.
- Pastel yellow adds enough kick to a pastel palette and should be used less dominantly than other shades.
- Pastel geometric patterns are popular on textiles, prints, and even as a feature wall paint effect.

What are your favourite Pastels in everyday life? - Mine is Ice Cream ;-)

2 Months of Winking!

When I started this blog, all I knew was that I had 2 years of stifled creativity and mind numbing, repetitive, monkey-work motivating me to inspire myself and others into creative living.  I had no direction as to where I was going, just that I needed to start somewhere, and, damn, am I happy I am here today!

Soon, I'll be sharing the exciting projects and products I've been working on in the Winking Plum Workshop, using the creative skills I have gained in the past 2 months! YAY!  I will think of you when it comes to discounts and giveaways...  Watch this space!

Thanks to each of you in sharing this journey with me!  I know I'm not alone in this and although Winking Plum is not viral (I guess that's a good thing, because AIDS sucks)*, I am grateful for you and the value I hope I contribute to your lives.  So give yourselves a round of applause, pat on your back and do a jumping jack (enough, workout over)!

*You shouldn't be offended. ;-)
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