Monday, 31 March 2014

Beautiful Find - The Featured Creature

Those who know even a little about me know that I really love animals.  They are who they are and they continue being true to themselves without a care in the world for who you are and what you look like.  Animals are just plain wonderful.  Like my Ginghaan and Looseal:

Because wonderful is a given, today's post is about animals that are also weird. I came across the blog "The Featured Creature" which showcases and describes unusual creatures of our planet. Fascinating time trap alert!!

The Featured Creature is written by Carly, an animal fanatic who curates images, videos and information on amazing creatures, which she describes informatively and entertainingly.

Here are some of Carly's featured creatures:

Trapiana Miltabrancha

Go and visit The Featured Creature and discover these and more amazing, weird and wonderful creatures!

Start Over

Good Morning!

It's Monday, which means, although it's tough, it's time to put on those positive pants and look at the bright side of everything.

Sometimes it can feel like one bad moment in a day results in a spiral of terrible events, making for a bad day and eventually into an entire bad week.

If you feel things start to go wrong, here is a bit of wisdom from Justina Blakeney:

Image from Justina Blakeney's Blog

So when things go awry, take a step back, breathe and decide to start over.  Make a good day out of bad moments.  You have the power!