Friday, 12 December 2014

Recent Work: Polygon Project Engineers Corporate Identity

As we move into the holidays, I look back at the wonderful year that's passed and am so grateful to recognize the amazing opportunities I've received as an independent designer.  One of my biggest projects and learning processes was the design of corporate identity of a new engineering firm called Polygon Project Engineers.

Polygon Project Engineers was started by Suhale Baksh, a mechanical engineer who recently decided to start his own business.  He wanted a brand that was professional but unique and that encompassed the multifaceted nature of engineering disciplines. 

We provided him with an initial presentation of conceptual ideas relating to the name "Polygon Project Engineers", where the brand identity comes from and how these could be applied graphically in his corporate image.

Once Suhale arrived at a logo choice, we created mockups of how this can be applied to his corporate stationery.

The client loved option 3 and we had the stationery made up for his business.  We designed Polygon Project Engineers' website too, giving them a cohesive and legible brand that makes a strong impact across the board.

You can learn more about Polygon Project Engineers on their website.  Contact them for engineering service, they're brilliant.

If you are interested in branding your business, I take on work from individual start ups to large companies. , Contact me at - I want to help!

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