Monday, 29 December 2014

Favourite Posts of 2014

It's been a great year on the Winking Plum Blog!  I'm so happy to have built this platform to share all the creative and inspiring things I've found, done and seen!

Occasionally, I'll meet someone that says, 'I was on your blog a couple of days ago' and 'Keep going to cool places so I can see it on your site' or 'That project of yours was well done' - No this isn't a brag fest but rather the reminder for me that people actually read what I write!

It keeps me going and makes me so happy that I'm not just talking to myself here.  Because that would be pretty nutters, right - 11 months of writing to myself.  I mean, I could have just thought these thoughts and not written them here and it would have amounted to the same thing, right? ...  Insert Inception Moment ...

I just want to say thanks for coming over and keep commenting on my posts!  With your feedback, I am motivated to produce so much more and it makes me happy to make you happy!

To celebrate the end of this 2014 for Winking Plum blog, I've chosen my favourite posts from this year for you to look back on and enjoy!

1) Beautiful Finds - Teresa Barbosa's Embroidered Landscapes and Plants

I'm still amazed by this surreal embroidery of landscapes which tumble beyond their embroidery hoops.  Unique work by a talented artist.  Read More...

2) Interiors - Get The Look #1 -  Living Room

In this post, I did a "Get The Look" excercise, where I took a popular Pinterest interior and made a board of South African products that are similar so you can get the look!  I still love this living room and think it's an awesome look for any home!  Read More...

3) Travel - Panorama Route SA

I'll never forget that road trip.  From staying in the bushveld, to the spectacular views, traveling with Suhale and reawakening my proudly-South African-ness, It was a brilliant experience.  This was also my most viewed post of the year, so I'm guessing you all loved it too!  Read More...

4) Do it Yourself - This Book Belongs To ... Free Printable

This is a handy printable book card that you can print and stick in your books so that they can be returned back to the rightful owner with a bit more ease.  ;-) Read More...

5) Comedy - You Tube Advert feat. ME!

This has to be the highlight of my comedy year.  Being cast in a high profile you Tube Advert for MNet Movies was amazing and completely unexpected.  I was so nervous and awkward which made the whole advert that much funnier.  Read More...

6) My Design - Boys Room Design - Cars & Brights

The Interior Design project I did for little Jethro has to be my favourite project of the year.  Brights and automobiles were the theme for J's room.  There's a little bit of everything in this project - I designed the built ins, the wall graphics and specified and put together all the furniture, wall colours and styling.  This was a design and project management project so I feel very proud of the result.  I really hope Jethro is still loving his room!  Read More...

What were your favourite posts and what would you like to see more of?

There are many oldies and goodies for you to enjoy so keep on browsing!  ;-)

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