Friday, 19 December 2014

Coffee Tasting

Through the course of this year, Suhale and I have really begun to enjoy locally roasted coffee and the experience and ritual of preparing coffee in many different ways.

When I spotted this book on coffee lifestyle, I knew I had to get it for us.  Besides being beautifully designed and awesome to look at, the book is incredibly informative.  We've learned things about coffee that you don't pick up in everyday conversation yet almost everyone has a cup of coffee each day.

Since this, we've decided to start educating ourselves on learning to classify and evaluate coffee by training our palates through hosting coffee tasting events.

I know what you're thinking - sounds like rich folk getting all pretentious over nothing much - but no.  As consumers, we have a responsibility to receive good quality produce at fair prices and coffee is no different.

The tasting process involves smelling the dry coffee, the wet coffee and tasting it, then using the tasting wheel to guide us in recording our findings.

At the event, we cupped 5 different types of coffees.  Some from local roasteries and one commercial brand.  Coffee tasting is quite complex and I was not able to confidently define the different flavours.

Our favourite coffee was roasted a week before the tasting event.  We acquired the roasted beans from Green Bean in Durban and ground them at the event.

If you're a coffee lover, you should definitely host an event like this.  It's fun, engaging and you learn to appreciate the differences between coffee and flavours.

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