Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Places: Irene Dairy Farm, Pretoria

Those who know me, will know that I'm a big fan of natural and wholesome food and ingredients.  Suhale and I shop for our groceries at Boeremark, a local farmers market, and when we heard of the Irene Dairy Farm and its high quality, raw unpasteurised milk, we knew we had to get some.

Pretoria is amazing. There are plenty of places where local industry flourishes.  The beauty of this is that I hardly ever set foot into a supermarket.  Cutting out tinned foods, bread and processed food has really given me the opportunity to find amazing produce and purchase these directly from farmers and makers, all at a great price with an authentic experience attached.

The bonus of Irene Dairy Farm is its beauty.  The historical farm buildings, old trees and cows are really worth the outing, even if you live in the Johannesburg area.

The milk was really delicious!  It's always a shock to realise the substandard produce we pay fortunes for when the wholesome authentic alternative has been available right under our noses all along!

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