Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Places: Irene Dairy Farm, Pretoria

Those who know me, will know that I'm a big fan of natural and wholesome food and ingredients.  Suhale and I shop for our groceries at Boeremark, a local farmers market, and when we heard of the Irene Dairy Farm and its high quality, raw unpasteurised milk, we knew we had to get some.

Pretoria is amazing. There are plenty of places where local industry flourishes.  The beauty of this is that I hardly ever set foot into a supermarket.  Cutting out tinned foods, bread and processed food has really given me the opportunity to find amazing produce and purchase these directly from farmers and makers, all at a great price with an authentic experience attached.

The bonus of Irene Dairy Farm is its beauty.  The historical farm buildings, old trees and cows are really worth the outing, even if you live in the Johannesburg area.

The milk was really delicious!  It's always a shock to realise the substandard produce we pay fortunes for when the wholesome authentic alternative has been available right under our noses all along!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Snapshots - Durban Daze

I recently spent some good times with the family and friends back in my hometown, Durban, SA.

Pavement Coffees
Special Moments with Good Friends
Business is not as always
After Years Catch Up at Market
Goodies in Courtyard Shops 

What are your hometown hobbies?

Friday, 17 October 2014

Halloween Decorations - Free Printable

It's the month of Halloween!  Hoooo hoo haha haha!  Celebrate and decorate with these halloweeny cupcake toppers / bunting flags courtesy of me-heeehehehe.

Get your Free Printable!

Black + Pumpkins + Cats = Halloween  

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Recent Work: Baby Girl's Room Design - Marshmallow Pink & Bunny Rabbits

I blogged about the toddler room I designed for a little boy, Jethro.  This was part of my first interior design project:  House K. Part of this project was designing, styling and project managing the installation of a room for Jethro's sister, a baby girl called Grace.

- We chose a pretty palette of Marshmallow pink and white with timber
- Grace's birth details and personalised typographical illustrations (designed by Winking Plum) add presence to her room
- The bunting flags are playful and complete the look of Grace's room
- Soft cushions and a blanket in greys, accent yellow and pinks were a gift from Grace's mom, Catherine's friend and complement the room beautifully.
- A seating area with a replica Eames chair and pink lamp are soft and stylish touches.
- The bunny rabbit theme is present in prints, fabrics and soft toys.

I really love the finished look of Grace's room and I hope that she grows in this space with beautiful memories.  Have a look at Grace's brother's - Jethro's room too!

Recent Work: Boy's Room Design - Cars & Brights

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of putting the finishing touches on my very first interior design project as Winking Plum: House K. Part of this project was designing, styling and project managing the installation of a room for a smart little boy, Jethro.  I just love the way his room turned out!

- The split blue-grey and white wall is playful and neutral.  The colour is relevant in a toddler to teen room.
- Jethro's table can be raised to desk height as he grows.
- The framed car prints, designed by Winking Plum, continue the story of cars with vintage reference.
- Jethro's granny made him a sailing quilt which fits beautifully with the room decor.
- The plush cars are a playful touch, completing the car theme.
- One of the special features in Jethro's room is his bookshelf & bench seat built in cupboard, where he can spend hours paging through his favourite books.  

I'm so excited by the finished look and I hope that Jethro's room becomes the backdrop for his fondest childhood memories.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Recent Work: Baby's Room Illustrations

A little while ago, I was commissioned to design some wall graphics for a baby girl who was yet to be born.  These illustrations are happy and cheerful, so fitting for the room of a sweet little girl called Grace.

The first graphic was also used as a birth announcement to family and friends.  All these graphics have been framed and mounted in the baby's room.

I also assisted with the design and styling of the nursery, which I will blog about soon! 
Welcome Baby Grace and congrats to Catherine, Ryan and Jethro on the growth of their family!