Monday, 15 September 2014

Screen Printed it with Paper Jet Design!

Happy Monday Folks!  You may remember a couple of blog posts I did about the amazing work produced by the designers at Paper Jet Design and the screen printing classes they are hosting in Johannesburg.

Paper Jet Design executes their hand drawn illustrations using a second touch of hand crafted processing through hand pulled screen printing.  Seeing their products gave me an understanding and appreciation of the skill and passion involved in the multiple stages of their creative process.

I first came across Paper Jet Design on instagram and loved their quirky and original illustration style as well as their products!   After making internet contact, we became friends...  Unlike most start-up internet relationships, this one is wonderful and not at all weird, especially when we met face-to-face for the screen printing class.  There were zero murders and there was one cat who featured twice.  Once in real life and once in illustration.  Delightfully apt.

I decided to ask a good friend of mine, Elizabeth, to join me in taking the class.  We hadn't seen each other in a while and were super excited about learning a new creative skill.

The lesson we received was thorough and fun!  Through our training, we gained an understanding of different mediums onto which one can screen print, 2 - 3 colour screen printing, setting up our own print studio, different screen types, care and maintenance involved in screen printing and more. We were provided with information reference packs which is an amazing resource for revising what we learned and for helping to put together our own print studios.

The highlight of the lesson was bringing life to illustrations on a substrate using the vibrant colours of the inks.

It was also wonderful getting to know Telri and Steven, the designers behind Paper Jet Design who are both cat lovers (win) and are approachable and friendly.  There were also delicious snacks which kept us going strong.  I loved that we got to practice screen printing multiple times and we could take our art works home. 

Paper Jet Design will be starting classes again in October.  It is a fun lesson, a great bonding experience and a wonderful skill to learn from the perspective of designers.

Paper Jet Design will be exhibiting their art work at Wolves.  I'll be sure to share details and can't wait to have a look at their entire body of work!  In the meantime, see more of their amazing work on their website!

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