Thursday, 18 September 2014

Reflective Snapshots

All too often, we are victims of the pressures and demands of life's routines.  This can disrupt our ability to step back and recognise the things that mean the most to us.  It can take away the truth of our life purpose and distract us into placing value on the meaningless.

How funny is it that the things we usually take for granted are those that are the most important to us?  What a shame it would be to look back and regret not realising this before it's too late.

This post is a reminder in snapshots of special and authentic moments that I would normally take for granted but would rather acknowledge.

A reminder of the truly important aspects of my life.
A reminder to take a break from busy activity and just breathe and live in the now.
A reminder to take the time to appreciate the simple things around me. 
A reminder to hit the slow motion button and absorb every moment even in the busiest of times. 

How will you slow down to appreciate life? ;-)

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