Friday, 26 September 2014

Beautiful Find: Consol Shop, Woodmead

If you're in Gauteng, haven't heard of Consol's shop in Woodmead and haven't ever been there, where have you been?  Don't be embarrassed, I'm here to give you a glimpse of the goodies that are in store for your next visit!

I first visited Consol back when I had my own little pesto business in 2011/2012.  Their range of high quality, well-priced glass jars were a perfect fit for my homemade pesto and wholesome branding.  I received so many compliments for my packaging at market stalls!

While I no longer sell pesto, I do stop by at Consol now and again for some good glass items for my home and gifts.  I was in the Woodmead area this week and decided to drop by and have a look at what was new.  Here are some pictures of my beautiful finds in store!

So much pretty potential! I love that Consol has gone above and beyond its role as a leading glass jar manufacturer and has extended its product range to include items such as the iconic, award winning Consol Solar Jar and the popular Grip and Go Consol Water Bottle.  It's not all jars!

I saw so many inspiring goodies- I couldn't buy it all, but will be returning soon for another glass teapot and a solar jar.  Beautiful, don't you think? Visit the Consol Site for more information!


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