Monday, 29 September 2014

Weekend Snap Shots

When the heat is up and daytime lasts longer, those extra hours are best spent having good ice cream with good friends at Aroma Gelato in Hatfield.

Suhale and I enjoyed a coffee and brainstorm session at Seattle in Brooklyn.  We have big dreams, teddy bear coffee and sketches of books.  What more can we ask for?

My cousin and her husband had a braai.  They were well equipped to handle any braai emergency that may befall them!

Comedian, Karmen Naidoo & I met up with cool kid Claudine from Jittery Citizens who taught us some physical theatre techniques. We created character from objects - abstract, expressive and creative.  I was a matchbox.  Karmen was a plastic bag.

Never stop playing ;-)

Friday, 26 September 2014

Beautiful Find: Consol Shop, Woodmead

If you're in Gauteng, haven't heard of Consol's shop in Woodmead and haven't ever been there, where have you been?  Don't be embarrassed, I'm here to give you a glimpse of the goodies that are in store for your next visit!

I first visited Consol back when I had my own little pesto business in 2011/2012.  Their range of high quality, well-priced glass jars were a perfect fit for my homemade pesto and wholesome branding.  I received so many compliments for my packaging at market stalls!

While I no longer sell pesto, I do stop by at Consol now and again for some good glass items for my home and gifts.  I was in the Woodmead area this week and decided to drop by and have a look at what was new.  Here are some pictures of my beautiful finds in store!

So much pretty potential! I love that Consol has gone above and beyond its role as a leading glass jar manufacturer and has extended its product range to include items such as the iconic, award winning Consol Solar Jar and the popular Grip and Go Consol Water Bottle.  It's not all jars!

I saw so many inspiring goodies- I couldn't buy it all, but will be returning soon for another glass teapot and a solar jar.  Beautiful, don't you think? Visit the Consol Site for more information!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Happy Heritage Day!

Take some time to celebrate your roots, wherever you might be!  For South Africans, a heritage day tradition is to have a braai!  You guessed it!  We grill meat on an open coal / wood fire!
Chop-Chop! ;-)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

20 Facts 'bout me

Last week, I was nominated by a friend to do the Instagram 20 fact challenge.  If you don't know about this, it entails posting a picture of yourself and 20 facts about yourself that people might not know.

I thought it would be fun to share on the blog too! Since you all love me and want to get to know me better and everything ;-)

1) I love my cats more than my family and friends.
2) I always get in trouble for being outspoken.
3) I can speak French.
4) I was bullied during my childhood and will defend others when I see them being bullied.
5) I am friendly and genuine. If I see someone introverted and lonely at an event or party, I try to befriend them and make them feel comfortable.
6) I would rather speak publicly in front of thousands of people than jump off a foofi slide - I fear heights. Hate cable cars, Ferris wheels, standing at the edge of anything.
7) I'm a dreamer and if I get an idea in my head of trying something I suspect I'll love, I'll do it. Even if it's outrageous and inconceivable.
8) My comedy career is completely due to my admiration of John Vlismas.
9) I love 90's rock music. Nirvana and Pearl Jam are my favourite bands.
10) Working for myself is one of the most rewarding decisions I've ever made.  It makes me happy to be a boss and inspire others to do the same.
11) I don't let money control my decisions in life. I listen to my heart and it doesn't let me down.
12) I have faith in the universe. When one door closes, 10-20 have always opened for me. If something bad happens to me, I trust the universe to rectify balance and I see it happening.
13) I give myself pep talks when I'm down.
14) I've been married for 6 years to Suhale who is funnier than me and has shown me how to be a better person. We dream big and achieve it. Our cats are our children.
15) I'm down to earth and an open book. I'm very honest.
16) My cat, Zakkiya, died last year and it was the worst day of my life. Thinking about her still causes a pang in my heart.
17) I am really creative and like expressing it in as many ways as possible. I'm also analytical and it gives me joy and balance to work systematically.
18) I love South Africa - best country that ever existed in the history of forever.
19) I love vintage goods and old buildings.
20) I have a masters degree in Interior Architecture from the University of Pretoria.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Rooibos Cappuccino DIY!

I first tried Rooibos cappuccinos at caf├ęs as an alternative to coffee in order to avoid the caffeine and the headaches I usually get with one too many cups.

Rooibos is a type of tea leaf, made from a South African plant and has a distinct flavour and red colour when made into tea.  Rooibos cappuccino is quite alternative. To be honest, the thought of it would have scared me before moving to Pretoria as I've always considered Rooibos as a black tea and would never have tried it with milk. Rooibos is especially meaningful to the Afrikaans community, who grew up drinking this tea. It also has antioxidants and is an amazing product for children.

After I tried Rooibos cappuccino, I loved it so much that I tried my own recipe at home.  And I think I succeeded! And it's super simple, provided you have Rooibos tea bags wherever you may be!

Here it is: boil a third cup of milk. Add to a third cup of hot water and mix. Add 1 Rooibos tea bag and steep in water/milk mixture. In a small cup (espresso cup), foam about a third of the small cup's volume using a foam stick. Remove tea bag, then top Rooibos tea mixture with foam.  Finish foam with sprinkle of cinnamon and serve with honey. 

Simple, delicious and a great night time treat, especially if you want to cut back on the caffeine. ;-)

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Reflective Snapshots

All too often, we are victims of the pressures and demands of life's routines.  This can disrupt our ability to step back and recognise the things that mean the most to us.  It can take away the truth of our life purpose and distract us into placing value on the meaningless.

How funny is it that the things we usually take for granted are those that are the most important to us?  What a shame it would be to look back and regret not realising this before it's too late.

This post is a reminder in snapshots of special and authentic moments that I would normally take for granted but would rather acknowledge.

A reminder of the truly important aspects of my life.
A reminder to take a break from busy activity and just breathe and live in the now.
A reminder to take the time to appreciate the simple things around me. 
A reminder to hit the slow motion button and absorb every moment even in the busiest of times. 

How will you slow down to appreciate life? ;-)

Monday, 15 September 2014

Screen Printed it with Paper Jet Design!

Happy Monday Folks!  You may remember a couple of blog posts I did about the amazing work produced by the designers at Paper Jet Design and the screen printing classes they are hosting in Johannesburg.

Paper Jet Design executes their hand drawn illustrations using a second touch of hand crafted processing through hand pulled screen printing.  Seeing their products gave me an understanding and appreciation of the skill and passion involved in the multiple stages of their creative process.

I first came across Paper Jet Design on instagram and loved their quirky and original illustration style as well as their products!   After making internet contact, we became friends...  Unlike most start-up internet relationships, this one is wonderful and not at all weird, especially when we met face-to-face for the screen printing class.  There were zero murders and there was one cat who featured twice.  Once in real life and once in illustration.  Delightfully apt.

I decided to ask a good friend of mine, Elizabeth, to join me in taking the class.  We hadn't seen each other in a while and were super excited about learning a new creative skill.

The lesson we received was thorough and fun!  Through our training, we gained an understanding of different mediums onto which one can screen print, 2 - 3 colour screen printing, setting up our own print studio, different screen types, care and maintenance involved in screen printing and more. We were provided with information reference packs which is an amazing resource for revising what we learned and for helping to put together our own print studios.

The highlight of the lesson was bringing life to illustrations on a substrate using the vibrant colours of the inks.

It was also wonderful getting to know Telri and Steven, the designers behind Paper Jet Design who are both cat lovers (win) and are approachable and friendly.  There were also delicious snacks which kept us going strong.  I loved that we got to practice screen printing multiple times and we could take our art works home. 

Paper Jet Design will be starting classes again in October.  It is a fun lesson, a great bonding experience and a wonderful skill to learn from the perspective of designers.

Paper Jet Design will be exhibiting their art work at Wolves.  I'll be sure to share details and can't wait to have a look at their entire body of work!  In the meantime, see more of their amazing work on their website!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Recent Work: Poster Design - Trevor Gumbi and Friends

Being a comedian, I've been lucky enough to have met most of South Africa's top comedians.  Trevor Gumbi is a huge name in South African comedy and I feel honoured to have received the design work for his latest event posters - Trevor Gumbi and Friends: The Usual Suspects; featuring Trevor Gumbi, Thapelo Tips, Mpho Popps and Chris Mapane, all of whom are excellent comics in their own right.

Together with Trevor and Lucille Gumbi, we came up with the Monopoly concept to inspire the graphic language.  I think the final result is pretty rad!   What do you think? ;-)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Shopping with Comedians

Last week, my old time comedian friend and fellow Pretorian, Werner Cloete and I went to Montana's China Mall to do some fun shopping for things we don't particularly need but are so cheap we won't say no.

Amazing Eye Wear

 'n Gemmer met vier ore en twee snorre.  Who knew?

Somehow, in the middle of Montana, Pretoria - deep in the Afrikaner suburbs - we found Samoosas!  Halaal ones!   Cheers!!

Friendship is the best!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Recent Work: YouTube Advert feat. ME!

Hello Beautiful People!

If you follow me on Facebook, you will have seen the link to the advert I was cast in for South African TV channel, M-Net Movies.  I was cast as a local comedian in one of four web adverts, all of which are pretty funny!

Because I have no formal training in performance, the green screen, cameras and stick microphones were alien to me and the process was, at times, nerve racking.  Thankfully, the brilliant director, Glen Biderman-Pam, who is also one of the 4 comics, is excellent at managing personalities and made me feel like a rock star.

The ad had to show our own flavour of comedy.  Here it is!

Thanks Glen & M-Net Movies for casting me!  I think the team did a sterling job of putting it together & I'm really happy with the result! This was me at the end of a long day!

What do you all think? ;-)

Monday, 8 September 2014

Recent Work: Wedding Invitation Design - Raisa and Ozair

A little over a month ago, I designed wedding invitations for the lovely Raisa and her fiance, Ozair.
Raisa requested a design that had a touch of vintage elegance and royal wedding references.  I put together a digital concept board with inspiration images for the invitation I had in mind for their wedding.

Because Raisa wanted to manufacture the invitations herself, I sent her the digital artwork and a composition guideline of putting all elements together:

Raisa was really happy with the final design - It turned out to be classic and elegant with a glamorous finish using gold shimmer board, lace and satin ribbon.

I wish Raisa and Ozair the best luck for their upcoming wedding and a stellar married life ahead!
Are you getting married?  Get in contact with us for the design of your wedding stationery.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Funny Girls in a Funny Place

I spent some time last weekend with fellow Funny Girls, Nina Hastie and Karmen Naidoo!  What a laugh.

Aint Nobody Got Time for That

Two Girls and TED

We had eggstatic fun and eggless pancakes.  What a great way to spend a Sunday Afternoon!

Girl Time is the Best Time, don't you think? ;-)

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Comics Choice Awards 2014

It's been just over a month since the SA Comics Choice Awards - a highlight event of the year which I have been wanting to blog about for a while! 

The South African Comics Choice Awards is an annual event in Johannesburg attended by the comedy industry, media and people of the public who love comedy.  The Awards are about honouring the industry and celebrating those among us who we feel are the best.  There are several categories, each with lots and lots of comedians meaning that those who are nominated are proper stand outs! 

This year's event was in the Teatro at Montecasino.  There was a yellow carpet, photographers and everyone dressed up in their Saturday bests!  The whole evening was really glamorous.  Here's a picture of me on the yellow carpet:

This year's show was conceptualized as "The Point of Funny" - which was to make people laugh.   And laugh we did!  This event challenged the boundaries of traditional stand up set design.  This is a practice I've come to expect of Whacked Entertainment, the event organisers, who are committed to interpreting the field of stand up comedy and entertainment in an innovative and unexpected manner.

My favourite part of the show was the classroom musical showdown between Deep Fried Man and Lazola Gola.

My favourite award winner was Loyiso Madinga!  He is a serious talent and brilliant every time I see him perform!

The event ends with a VIP after party at Parker's Comedy Club. 

It was fun hanging out with Cape Town comics, Yaaseen and Bradford, 2 nominees in the newcomer category and Vittorio & Claire, who I have known since the beginning of my comedy career!

This event has left me so inspired and hungry to challenge myself in the type of comedy I perform.  I don't believe stand up comedy should be limited to telling jokes on stage..  Although there is brilliance in this simplicity, I recognise my multidisciplinary abilities as potential for me to offer a unique perspective.  I am dedicated to creating something fresh & can't wait to manifest these ideas on stage!  ;-)