Friday, 8 August 2014

Celebrate Women and Life + Free Women's Day Printable!

For South Africans, 9 August is Women's Day - an annual public holiday.  August is often informally labelled "Women's Month" and while that may sound like an excuse for burning bras and eating embarrassing quantities of chocolate (which I did yesterday - the chocolate, not the bra burning), Women's Month is actually a time for celebrating women for the entire month in which ever way possible.  1 day is simply not enough. 

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to support women as a performer in this upcoming ladies' event for spreading cancer awareness:

One of the greatest things about being a comedian is using my time to put a smile on people's faces.  It is so rewarding knowing that a joke I spent writing and performing is something that adds a pocket of light in the life of another human being.  It's the main reason I continue to perform comedy.

CancerVive is a great organisation promoting cancer awareness, celebrating life and providing care to survivors after the mental and physical trauma of having experienced Cancer.  I admire this cause and am proud to contribute towards providing a little humour to these women who have been through so much.  If you are a lady, consider attending this event and celebrating the lives of those who bravely fought, continue to fight and have lost their lives to cancer.

As an extra, I have decided to treat the women to a little lasting Winking Plum girl power goodness in their goodie bags - these gorgeous A6 floral notecards by Winking Plum:  Each woman will get one!

If you like it, you can download the free printable and celebrate the life of another woman.  Oh yeah!

How do you celebrate Woman's Day / Month?

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Page 15 of 5

Earlier this week, I came across this entertaining post on a friend's facebook timeline that comes from the blog of GD Falksen.

The responses were quite hilarious.  This was my answer:

 "By now the young are staring at you with fascinated horror, as if you're about to pull off one of your legs, revealing a green and mossy stump." 

                                                                                                             - Margaret Atwood's The Tent

After doing the exercise, I glanced over at the huge number of books in my bookshelf and realised how sad it is that I haven't picked most of them up.  For this reason, I've decided to do a Page 15 of 5 blog post where I've photographed page 15 of 5 of my books.

I think of it as an alternative blurb, an inside scoop, a random and honest impression of a book's content that will give me an idea as to whether I want to read more or not.

Page 15 of 5

1) Author Unknown, Scuba Diving Manual for South Africa
2)  Hume, Charlotte; The great big veg challenge
3) Griffin, Forrest; Be ready when the sh*t goes down
4) Riley, Andy; The book of bunny suicides
5) Rubin, Nadine & Temkin, Nikki; chic Jozi - the Jo'burg pocketbook

If you like what you read on any of these pages, go ahead and get the book!  If you there's a book you love, why not share its page 15 on instagram using #page15of5?