Thursday, 5 June 2014

Learn to Screen Print with Paper Jet Design

I'm back, peeps!!  Some weeks ago, I blogged about Paper Jet Design - an inspiring design studio that does amazing and innovative work, often using the art of screen printing:

I am so amazed by their quirky illustration style combined with their flawless Screen Printing technique as seen in their selfie cards (Owlet Selfie Card above). 

How do they do it?!  What is Screen Printing?  What's the difference between paper screen printing and fabric screen printing?  How do they get the image perfectly aligned?  What kind of paints do they use?  I've wondered all of these things...  Heck, I've even googled it.  But nothing's going to beat learning from the masters themselves...

Paper Jet Design is now offering Screen Printing Classes for 1/2 people at a time at their Print Room in Jozi.

What a sweet poster!  Here are a few sneak peeks into their paint-splattered Print Room... Exciting!!

It will be messy.  It will be fun.  It will be colourful. 
I'm putting on my ugliest t-shirt and I cannot wait to be unfashionably on time! 

Contact Paper Jet Design to book!  They even have a Saturday class!  And they're super talented people making the coolest stuff, so if you live too far away to do the class, go buy their products.  ;-)


  1. Wow this brings back so many good memories for me, My Dad was a screen printer in the 80's. Thanks will def check them out :D So good to rediscover the lost art of making things....

  2. Wow, Fahmeeda! That's amazing! What did your dad screen print and on what medium? I too am loving the re-movement towards artisan skills like screen printing. And Paper Jet does it so well, do go check them out. Really happy design!


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