Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Beautiful Find (Photography) - Lee Jeffries

This blog is usually quite up beat and happy go lucky, but occasionally I do like to lose myself in thought provoking ideas and imagery with no boundaries between light and darkness.

When I fell upon Lee Jeffries's haunting portraits, I was so drawn into the captured emotion and hopelessness in the eyes of his subject matter.

Upon further reading, I discovered that these are portraits of the homeless people he encounters.  There's no sugar coating of the life they live. No misrepresenting their outlook through quaint natgeo-esque smiles behind weathered skin in front of curving alleyways of charming poverty.
This is raw, real and discomforting.

Their expressions throw me into their torment with mixed feelings about whether I should look them in the eye or not, whether I should search for more portraits or not. Whether I should pretend I haven't seen anything or do something.

Jeffries has captured the desperation of street dwellers and confronted us with their realities through our privileged platform of Pinterest.  Wow. It is "Les Miserables" -  Dirty, desperate and desolate.  View more of Lee Jeffries' work.

Thought provoking, dark and real. What are your thoughts?

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