Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day + Free Card Printable

Hello there!  My internet is finally up and running and so am I, frantically catching up on posts ;-)

It is Mother's Day today, which is a wonderful day for us all to commemorate the one person who has made us who we are - Mom.  I have wonderful memories of my childhood moments, and all of those include my mom, who did everything to make us happy. 

Thanks Ma!


I visited Woolworths this week and was really amused to see a dad carting around three distracted children in a shopping trolley whilst cluelessly baffling over a fluffy pink cardigan just around the corner from actual Mother's Day merchandise.  Although he looked so awkwardly out of place, I thought it was very sweet of a husband to take the time to try to purchase a Mother's Day gift for his wife on behalf of his 3 young children whose minds were only on Easter Eggs.

I thought it would be sweet to put together a little card and envelope printable that you can use to write a special message to your mom.  I used a soft pink and mint palette, which hints at floral tones. 


I'd love to see how you used the printable, so if you do, feel free to send me a picture!  

If you are a mom, well done & have a Happy Mother's Day!

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