Thursday, 15 May 2014

Creative App - Photography : Split Pic

Split Pic is a free photography app that allows you to compose multiple images into one frame using the various composition grids in the standard templates.  You can choose to leave the grids pronounced or merge two images by blurring the grid lines.  Either take photos directly from the app, or upload photos from your camera roll.  The positions of the grid lines can also be adjusted.  Additional templates are available as in app purchases.  Once you're done, you can put on a filter and share to instagram / save on your device.

As you can imagine, (depending on the user), an app like this can be used to create bizarre compositions of 2 images:

A photo collage:

Or an abstract composition:

Here are a few of my favourite examples done by other users, found on the "featured" section of the Split Pic App:

There are some utility issues with this app, though.  The image you visualise may not always be possible - the zoom in and zoom out is fussy and there is no rotation of images option.  That can be frustrating, as well as the pop up adverts which appear out of the blue.

If you love cell phone photography, however, this app offers great opportunities to be more creative with your images.

What would you Split Pic?

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