Tuesday, 8 April 2014

This Book Belongs to... - Free Book Card Printable

Have you ever lent a book out and not sure you received it back?  Friends are human and well-meaning but at times they need that extra reminder of who a book belongs to, in case memory fails.

I designed a clean, printable book card just for this.  Print, cut and paste into your books, filling in the blanks. If you wish, you could have 2 cards per book - One pasted in and one loose, on which you can write the name of your borrower. Keep the loose cards with you so you have track of where your books are until they are returned.

There are two different designs and the cards are in black and white, meaning you can print lots without breaking the bank! ;-) 

I'm going to introduce this system to my library.  I have so many books, I haven't been able to keep track of where they are.
What are your favourite books? 

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