Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Best Week of 2014

Hello Peeps!  Hope you are enduring the midweek madness with grace and good looks.  This past weekend was wonderful, in fact the whole week was amazing and I can confidently label it the best week of 2014 yet.

Last Wednesday, I performed comedy at Acoustic Cafe with Alfred Adriaan, Mojak Lehoko and Mel Miller.  Although the audience was small, they had a lot of heart and the room was great for comedy.  It took me back to my first few gigs - super informal and down to earth.   The less audience members there are, the more intimidating a performance is, however at Acoustic Cafe, I didn't become nervous (I think it was the absence of a spotlight) and for that reason, managed to perform in a relaxed and engaging way that was a bit of a breakthrough for me.  Here are some pics from the night:

Zakkiya Khan - Me!
Alfred Adriaan excited about the show

Mojak Lehoko warming them up!

On Thursday, I ran through the brief with my new client at her home for the interior project I will be working on.  It was a lovely meeting.  The clients are a creative and genuine family.  I am eager to work with them and use my skills to help provide them with spaces for special moments and memories.

Friday (Jumuah) is a religious day in Islam and because it was a public holiday, Suhale and I decided to attend our prayer together at the Turkish Mosque in Midrand.  It was wonderful to have a spiritual experience in such a beautiful space.  The thing I loved most about this mosque is its inclusiveness for men, women, South Africans, foreigners, children, Muslims / non-Muslims, etc.  This is the true spirit of Islam, welcoming, inclusive and communal.  There was a great energy as everyone came together with the purpose of prayer.

My sister, Radhia, visited us for the weekend.  Having her over was like old times.  Sister relationships are so special.  Noone gets you like your sister does and having her input and unconditional support for all my new endeavours meant a lot.

On Saturday morning, we all visited the Boeremark, which is a farmers market in Silverton, Pretoria.  where we do our weekly shopping for fruit and vegetables.

After our shopping, we got hot pancakes from Sharon's Pancakes (pancakes so delicious, I think of them all week), melkkos (an Afrikaans porridge) and coffee.  We enjoy these at our picnic spot in the open field while watching the ducks and geese chase children.

On Saturday evening, we decided to make a potjie, which is an Afrikaans cooking method involving a cast iron pot placed on coals.  These are usually used to make stews but Suhale decided to make a chicken karai, which is an indian dish.  We enjoyed it with my sister and my cousin and her husband who came over for supper.  It was so delicious - the chicken was absolutely tender, it had a definite smoked flavour and the spices and ginger infused beautifully in the tomato curry.

On Sunday, we visited Kamers Vol Geskenke, which I blogged about yesterday.  It was a wonderful and relaxed day with lots of amazing products and designers showcasing their talents in pretty stalls.

On Sunday evening, I performed comedy at The Box, my favourite gig.

I paused many times to the sound every comic loves - continuous laughter.  It was a great time on stage and I am becoming really comfortable in my own skin, which is making a difference in audience enjoyment.  Here are some of my sister's pictures from the night:

It was special having my sister and cousin watch me live and exciting meeting comics I hadn't met before and catching up with those whom I know and love.

Kagiso Lediga and Me

Loyiso Madinga did a surprise 5 minutes of new material - Amazing!

I'm really looking forward to where comedy takes me... Life has been big and busy...  My break in Zanzibar next week couldn't come at a better time!

What did you get up to?  I'd love to hear from you, please leave a comment.

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