Friday, 4 April 2014

Interior Inspiration #2 - Gold

Gold is a current seasonal trend.  From gold dresses, to phones to jewellery, it's no wonder that gold has made its way into fashionable home interiors.

Beware of balance, going too far with gold, can lead you down a dangerous road of tackiness.  Gold is a precious mineral resource - you would never see someone clad in this fine mineral from head to toe, so why do this to your home?

Challenge:  How do you go gold without going gaudy? 
Answer:  The key is to use Gold as an Accent.
one* / two / three / four / five**

- *1:  Gold vinyl decals to a white wall are an inexpensive way of adding glamour to a room with restraint and class.
- Gold accented serving dishes can be easily changed when the trends change and are a subtle way of adding gold without committing to large purchases.
- Pendant light fittings with gold to the inside of the shade is an unusual touch and reflects light with a warm glow.  These fittings can be grouped in a white or neutral space and add enough bling when used as the only gold item in a room.
- Avoid using gold ornate furniture, fittings or decor pieces unless these are authentic antiques.  The replication of ornate forms in imitation materials look cheap and nasty.
- Gold to the inside of a cupboard is an unexpected application and is contrasted by the matte exterior of a furniture piece.  This can even be achieved through a DIY project using gold leaf to the inside of a cupboard with glass doors or even on a shelf.
- **5:  Gold ceramic accessories like this stationery cup from typo add a powerful accent to a low key space.  

Happy Friday & Stay Golden! ;-)

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