Thursday, 17 April 2014

Creative App (Jounal-ling) - Moleskine

You'd be no stranger to Moleskine's range of high quality journals and sketchbooks, loved and prized by their owners.  The physical look and feel of a Moleskine does not by any means compare to digital journal-ling, but the argument that we are moving towards a paperless world must have sparked some insecurity in the makers of Moleskine, who have since come up with a digital app to appeal to the tablet user.

The Moleskine app is a lot like a Moleskine book.  Both digital and physical have the same style, proportions and layout type, providing excellent brand consistency.  If you love Moleskine books, you would love the app.

I have not used this app as extensively as other apps I've reviewed on the blog.  For some reason I have not had a gap in my needs that this app could fill.

There are several reasons why I believe the app hasn't become a regular for me:

1) Too much choice
With 7 different journal types, I felt daunted to even begin.  On the other hand, this at least lends itself well to specific needs.  The books are in several layouts - recipes, storyboard, plain, ruled, squared, photobook and weekly planner with the option to purchase other journal types.

2) The app is free
Because the download was free, I have less pressure to use it and get my money's worth.

3) Too precious
As with any Moleskine, the layout is so well defined and beautiful, I fear spoiling the beauty by letting out what's in my heart.  On the other hand, because this is a digital app, the security of the undo button does compensate for this fear.

Perhaps a lot of my review has to do with my own creative habits and you may feel differently.  Because Moleskine is free, I'd recommend a download anyway and seeing where that takes you.

Happy Thursday and Happy Sketching! ;-)
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