Monday, 7 April 2014

Beautiful Find - Kinska

I recently came across these quirky ceramics by Kinska.  The product range includes mugs, plant pots, vases, pen cups, crockery, brooches, tiles and more.
Mugs from Kinska Shop

Kinska's pieces are handmade, giving them special organic shapes. Each piece appears to be unique.  I'd love some of these mugs but would be so afraid of breaking them because they are so precious.

 Cups from Kinska Shop

Vase from Kinska Shop

I love the detail on the pots, they have an illustrated feel about them.  The relief created using the textures makes Kinska's products more tactile and pretty.  Each character seems to have a special personality and story to share.

 Image from Kinska Shop

                Brooch from Kinska Shop                                             Tile from Kinska Shop

Don't you think that brooch is lovely? ;-)
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