Friday, 28 March 2014

Interior Inspiration #1 - Lettering Love

Happy Friday, readers!  As we prepare for the weekend, I wanted to share a cool trend in home interiors - Lettering.

Whenever I search for interior inspiration, I always come across images and objects using these.  For that reason, I've decided to share an inspiration board showing you how lettering can be used in your own home.  Lettering is a means to personalise and own a space using initials, quotes or words.

one / two / three / four* / five

- 3D cutout letters can be used individually or grouped to form a word.  Feel free to use letters of the same type or combine a variety of styles for a more unique combination.  These can be wall mounted, placed on a sill or even a floor against the wall.
- Don't be afraid of using large letters.  These form a bold feature in a space and can be complemented with other wall mounted items:
- Letters don't have to be larger than life.  There are subtle ways of introducing these to interiors as well, such as in ceramics, textiles and cushions.
- Introducing typography in the form of framed prints is an inexpensive and flexible way to bring lettering to the interior.
- There are plenty of craft DIY projects (see #3) for creating your own lettering, whether it is paper,  wood or textile.
- *Scrabble mugs can be found at Typo.

How would you use lettering in your home?  Bold or Subtle? ;-)
I'd love to hear from you, please leave a comment.

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