Thursday, 27 March 2014

Inspiring App (Sounds) -

In the past few weeks, I have reviewed a variety of self tested creative apps and shared my experience with them here on Winking Plum.  Click here to access all app reviews.

Today, I thought, I'd do something a bit different and share an app that inspires me. is a complete nice-to-have app.  It doesn't have a direct purpose, apart from delight.  In my book, delight is completely worthwhile, so after hearing about the app from a friend last year, I downloaded it. can also be accessed online at

Image alongside from App.

This app plays on the human need to sometimes hear the sound of rain and feel freed by nature.  It really is a treat.

The app contains a library of 3 sounds:  Rain, Thunder and Heavy Thunder.  Using the volume controls, you can play either 1, 2 or all of the sounds at a time and adjust the volume of each in relation to the other.

Image from App

You can use the raining sounds by either opening the app, setting an alarm or playing it for a certain duration.  My husband enjoys using it as a "white noise" for sleeping.  I enjoy playing the rain and thunder combination for when I need to concentrate or need a bit of a stress relief time out. is the next best thing to an actual rainfall. ;-)
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