Thursday, 6 March 2014

Creative App - Phoster

Hello there!  Today's post is about the Creative App, Phoster.

Phoster allows users to compose quick and good looking (and somewhat hipster) posters within minutes without a computer or a design program:

Image from Bucket Labs

Phoster is an inexpensive Apple app that allows users to combine photographs and text into posters using the app's templates.

Phoster offers ready made design in that templates are already set up.  Each template has its own style and tone.  Empty templates are available to allow more versatility in the creation of your poster.  Users may choose a portrait or a square template setup.

 Image from Phoster

Backgrounds can be an imported image from your camera roll or a flat colour which can be chosen from the colour bar.  Photographic backgrounds can be adjusted in brightness, contrast, etc and zoomed into and rotated.

Phoster allows users to add text with a decent font library. Text can be resized and colours can be adjusted.  Text within the template can be manipulated as well.

Although text within a template can be changed, the template itself cannot be tweaked.  Although this reduces versatility, it also guarantees a well designed poster and flexibility can be achieved in using a blank template and designing your own layout.

Once the user's poster is complete, finishing effects can be applied in the form of vignette, paper, folded paper, black and white, half colour - half black and white etc.

The poster can then be emailed, shared across major social networks and saved to the in-app gallery and your camera roll.

Phoster is most useful for its speed and pre-made design.  It can be of assistance to event organisers and non designers, where the outcome will be a great looking, free poster put together within minutes.  Phoster can also be used to create visual statements, using photographs and text.

Here are some of my Phoster posters:

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