Thursday, 13 March 2014

Creative App - Over

Over is an Apple app that allows users to import photographs and overlay these with text and artwork from the app's library.

Here are a few images made by App users:

Images from Over

Users start off by importing a background image.  The background image can be adjusted in tint or cropped using tools in the edit section of the tool bar on the right.

Users are able to import text and adjust colour, size and font.  The handy background grid appears when resizing and moving text position allowing users to centralise and resize text using informed proportions.  The font library contains a good variety of both classic and trendy fonts.

"Artwork" includes a library of icons, line drawings and messages which can be added to the image.  Users are able to choose from a selection of free collections or pay a minimal fee for additional collections. Artwork collections include City Icons, Happy Birthday, Words of Inspiration, Lanky Elements, etc.  There is a good variety among the free collections to communicate a range of messages, all of which are beautifully designed and add dimension to photographs.

Both Text and Artwork can be adjusted in Opacity, Position and Size using the edit tool in the round tool bar to the right of the screen.

One complete, the over image can be saved to camera roll and / or shared on social networks.

Over works best in combination with a photo editing app such as Afterlight, where the background image has been manipulated prior to overlaying of artwork and text using Over.  Over is useful in creating cards, posters, visual statements and memes.

Here are a few of the images I have made using Over:

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