Thursday, 20 March 2014

Creative App - Adobe Ideas

Good Morning Readers,

In Tuesday's post, I shared with you free printable using this bunny illustration I hand drew using my iPad and stylus:

The app that I used to draw this bunny is Adobe Ideas. I accidentally came across Adobe Ideas on Sunday when searching for sketchbook apps in the App Store.

In my eyes, Adobe Ideas has become a game changer.  Being able to instantly hand draw high quality, digitally editable lines is a revelation to me.  I have previously heard of the Wacom Bamboo tablet and its utility to illustrators but never purchased one as I couldn't justify the expense purely for the sake of drawing when my good ol' sketchbook was gathering dust.

Adobe Ideas has given me the opportunity to do as much as I need to in drawing from a hobby perspective.  The greatest thing about the app is that every line you draw is a vector.  This means that no matter how far you zoom in or out, your line appears crisp.  This also means that once you finish your sketch, you can open the pdf file in a vector programme (like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw) and edit your drawing and create high quality artwork using hand drawings!

While an actual hand drawing with pen and paper can't be paralleled for its tactility and hand made feeling, this quality advantage is of greater value to me.  The abilities to undo, erase and adjust pen sizes, colours and types offers an easy interface for drawing.  Being able to use layers and duplicate layers also allows an interesting dimension to sketching.  You can also import photos / images into a layer and all layers can be adjusted in opacity.

It's really a mind blowing app - now my favourite out of all creative apps - and has really brought back my love for illustrating.  See that drawing of me at the top of the side bar on your right - I did that using this App!  Cool - right?

Here is a sneak peek of some of the other sweet illustrations I've been working on:

Some exciting projects ahead with these beauties!
Today is international happiness day, so shine on!!

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