Monday, 10 March 2014

Beautiful Find - Skinny La Minx

Skinny La Minx is a South African design house well known for their fresh pattern design and illustration.  These designs have been produced as prints on multiple mediums such as fabrics, paper, card and timber.

Although the prints are available as fabrics, there is also a range of beautiful fabric products to choose from, such as cushion covers, tea towels, tote bags, aprons, purses, pouches, table ware, children's clothing and paper / stationery. 

Images from Skinny La Minx

The style of the prints are fresh, vibrant and up to date with enough variety to satisfy any home look and taste.  The illustration style has a strong handmade and hand drawn aesthetic given the organic shapes, making it feel authentic, special and South African.

Browse these amazing products on the South African online store or International online store.

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