Monday, 17 March 2014

Beautiful find - Amazing Illustrators

Happy Monday, sweet people!

Illustration is something that has been inspiring me since I can remember.  It was my childhood dream to become an illustrator of storybooks and in full circle fate, I find myself constantly returning to a piece of paper with a pen and to my tablet with a stylus.

Thanks to technology, there is so much inspiration and amazing work to be found online that makes me wish I thought of it first ;-)

Some of the amazing illustrators I've recently come across are:

Emily Mc Dowell

I love Emily's tongue and cheek approach to her illustration. Her illustration is typographic and hand drawn and her style is conversational and informal.

Image from Emily Mc Dowell's Shop

Isn't that delightful (and true)?  Her blog is informative and insightful, especially to those wanting to start a stationery / greeting card line.  She speaks of building a brand, the underlying messaging and the need to apply this message consistently throughout your product range.   She writes honestly and amusingly.  Emily's product range includes cards, bags, temporary tattoos, scarves and towels.

Elsa Mora

Prepare yourself for unusual art, paper and illustration.  I particularly love this illustration turned pop up box.  The 3 dimensionality gives the illustration depth, interest and an almost shrine like quality that has religious undertones.

"Visionary Notebook" from Elsa Mora's Shop

Eerie and delightful, don't you think?  Elsita does amazing work with paper, she's really talented!  Go have a look!

I love Nan's illustration style.  It reminds me of books we read as children and the beautiful drawings that accompanied stories.  

Image from Nan Lawson

Image from Nan Lawson

Her character drawings are gorgeous!  I love the fluid lines and the way she draws hair.  The smaller details add so much richness and quality to her drawings, you could think up a story just looking at them.

I will be sharing some of my own illustrations soon.  
Hope you are all feeling suitably inspired for the week ahead!  


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