Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A Week of Comedy

Good Morning!

Winking Plum is a month old today!  I'd like to thank every reader for your support and hope that you are enjoying the content I have generated.  I appreciate your feedback and interaction so if you would like to see more of something or less of another, let me know - this blog is for you! ;-)

Here is a bit about what I got up to this past week...
Last Thursday night, I performed stand up comedy at a gig in Arcade Empire called "Kakfunny".

It was a great night and although I lost the audience now and again, I can honestly say that, even in a tougher crowd, I love performing and I know that comedy is something I am meant to do.

It was wonderful spending the evening catching up with fellow comedians Nina Hastie, Donovan Goliath and Loyiso Madinga.  It was the first time for me getting to know Trevor Gumbi and David Kibuuka, who provided me with some much appreciated feedback and tips on audience connection.  

The comedy industry is amazing.  Going from comedy fan to comedian has left me with some pretty star struck moments like this one:

I don't think I will ever recover from this awe but being one of the comics is an awesome feeling. It's a strange thing being on stage.  Your senses are sharp and every mistake you make, every sound from the audience and every face is memorable.

I also decided to go to The Box on Sunday.  The Box is an amazing gig run by Goliath and Goliath and features a line up of open spot, support and headline comedians.  No matter what, this gig, situated in the vibey Maboneng precinct in Johannesburg city, guarantees a hilarious and ab wrenching evening. Sunday's gig was amazing - David Kau was sharp and spontaneous.  It is always a pleasure seeing fellow female comics Celeste Ntuli and Monique Nortje and to end the evening listening to Deep Fried Man was a treat.

This was the lineup:

 Image from Goliath and Goliath

It was refreshing to attend a gig as a spectator.  The absence of pressure of performance allowed me to relax, enjoy and learn through observation.  If you have never been to the Box, you are missing out, so forget the Sunday Blues and start the week on a high.  The Box runs every Sunday at 19:30 at the Performing Arts Centre in the Maboneng Precinct, JHB.  If you are a visitor to South Africa, this could be your best night out, so don't miss it!

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