Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hello, it's me again.

Here is a bit about what I've been up to this past week...

I posted this selfie to let my friends know I'm still alive and that my hair looks great.  
Additionally, I love skulls.

I visited Durban for the last few days.  Even though my flight was delayed, I was rewarded with this once I hit the Motherland:

There's nothing more relaxing than a day at the beach!

Suhale and I enjoyed 2 great coffee experiences.  Vovo Telo in Umhlanga matches up to its counter branches in Johannesburg and Pretoria.  We received amazing service from our waiter, Siya.   We also visited Love Coffee on Windermere Road.

Love Coffee has an authentic vibe with its relaxed Durban atmosphere.  
Everything is served impeccably.

I visited my brother's optometry practice, where I met a random child:

He loves Ben 10

I also put his face on a cat:

Durban was wonderful - especially catching up with friends and family and meeting many new faces.  Every time I return, a lot changes, making every single trip interesting.

I have been preparing for my upcoming comedy gig at Arcade Empire in Pretoria next Thursday:

If you're in Pretoria and need a laugh, come watch us - SA's best comics are on the lineup and you won't be disappointed!

Until tomorrow!

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