Friday, 28 February 2014

Get the Look #3 - Dining Area

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Today's "Get the Look" considers a space that is more tactile and rustic than the previous 2 rooms. The dining room / area in the house should be user friendly.  

It is a space for the family to reconcile around a single table and exercise values of love and sharing.  Food prepared by a loving mother should be presented against a backdrop worthy of the effort and care gone into the preparation of a meal.  Dining Areas should reflect the character and habits of the family that fill its seats.

Image from Dustjacket, a blog by Debra

 The dining room above is simple and rustic.  It is placed within a kitchen environment, making it an authentic and informal space.  

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- Use of timber and steel as well as the emotive use of candles and flowers lend to an atmospheric space that is inviting and accessible.
- A large "country style" wooden table and bench incite images of wholesome food, served straight out of the pot.
- Bench seating is conducive to family values of sharing.
- Combinations of armchairs, stools and benches provide multiple seating types and add variety to the space.
- A warm rug complements the colour palette and takes the kitchen from clinical to rustic.

All of the items in the product board are available to South Africans.  Click on the corresponding numbers to link to the product website.

If there is a specific look you have in mind and want input on sourcing this locally, please comment with a link to the look you love!

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