Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Expecting Guests? Read these tips! (wifi card & note-booklet printable)

Good Morning!

Today's post is about hospitality.  I don't often receive overnight guests, however on the rare occassion that I do, I am quickly overwhelmed by the negative impression I might give thanks to my inexperience in hospitality.

For this reason, I decided to spend some time planning for the arrival of guests so that I am always prepared.

The guiding principle I used for this thought process was pretend you are a guest in somebody else's house. This is a great indicator as to whether you are on the right track or not.  What makes you uncomfortable when visiting?  What would make you happy?  What were you left lacking?

I have come up with these tips which I hope will assist you as much as I find it useful.

1) Restroom

Nothing is worse than running out of toilet paper.  Make sure your guest is left feeling secure with backup supplies of toilet paper in the main bathroom and some fresh towels in their room.
Equip your guest / main bathroom with a flip lid bin lined with a plastic bag and ensure a supply of hand soap near the wash hand basin.  Put in a small stool or bench for your guest to put down their clothing in the restroom.  If the space is limited, use hooks.

Blow their socks off:  Prepare toiletry sets containing toothbrushes, toothpaste, mini soaps, mini shampoo and conditioners, hand cream, tissues and a razor for overnight guests and have these in your guest room.

2) Snacks

Make sure your guests never have to ask for food.  Orientate them around your home and point out the pantry and fridge contents should they be hungry.  Put out some water and glasses in the living room along with some snacks and fruit and leave these out in seal-able containers.  Be considerate and find out if your guest has special dietary requirements or allergies and prepare accordingly.  

Blow their socks off: prepare a snack box for the guest room with some nuts, chocolates, sweets, biltong and bottled water.

3) Temperature Control

Do your best to ensure your guest is cool and comfortable.  If it is winter, equip the room with a basic heater and a spare blanket.  In Summer, put out a fan if your home is not air conditioned.

Blow their socks off:  Welcome guests with a cooling drink if it is a particularly hot day or hot chocolate if it is cold. Put out some electric hot water bottles in Winter.

4) General

- Respect the privacy of your guests.  Leave a key to their room on the door.  
- Provide your guests with an electrical adapter so that they can charge their cellphones.
- Reassure your guests that they may call on you for anything and let them know how they can do this.  If possible, try to go to bed after your guest does so that they can access you without discomfort.
- Make breakfast.  Wake up early if you need to.  If your guest is planning an early departure, prepare a take away breakfast pack with fruit and sandwiches which they can enjoy on their journey.
- Give your guests WIFI access by putting together a card with your username and password.

{Instructions:  Print and cut card according to guidelines.  Fill in the blanks}

- Put together a few note-booklets for your guests with pens.  This is a considerate touch and leaves your guest with a keepsake once their visit is over.

 {Instructions:  Print and cut pages according to guidelines.  Staple pages together and leave in your guest room with a pen}

- Finally, Exceed your guests' expectations and mount a portrait of yourself in the guest room.  That way, your hospitality extends beyond your physical presence and your guest will feel well attended to!

Warning - this is a joke!


Do you have additional tips or interesting stories?
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