Thursday, 27 February 2014

Creative App (Photography) - DMD Panorama

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Today's Creative App post is about a panoramic photographing tool which I often use for work and travel.  Dermandar (DMD) Panorama is a photographic app available to Android and Apple users.  This app allows users to take panoramic photographs using their phones / tablets.

In recreation, DMD Panorama finds value in travel.  It assists me in re-creating an encompassing spatial experience that I would have otherwise forgotten. It is especially valuable in scenic environments but shouldn't be ruled out in busy atmospheres like markets, where there is an opportunity to capture the emotion of a moment.

I also found DMD Panorama useful during site visits as a memory jogging tool.  I created a 360' panoramic shot of an internal or external space which I could reference later as an informative indication of the 3 dimensional spatial quality as well as the existing positions of spatial components.

DMD Panorama prompts users to hold their devices vertically, a feature that prevents capturing of floors and ceilings / skies but ensures that the panorama is stitched together perfectly.  After the first shot, the user rotates to the right or left to take the next shot.  The circular indicator lets the user know know if they have gone too far and automatically snaps once the user is in the correct position.  A shortcoming of the app is its resolution of fast moving objects which create a ghost effect during the stitching of two photographs overlapping a single area where the object has moved.  This could also be considered as a creative opportunity to experiment with the accidental.

Once a 360 view has been consolidated, the app plays the 3 dimensional panorama which can then be shared on its own social network or exported as a 2 dimensional image to the camera roll.

Here are a few 2 Dimensional exported panoramas I have taken with DMD Panorama:

Virgin Mobile Cedar Square, Johannesburg

Skate Park and Beach Front, Durban

Chateau de Chantilly, Paris

Chateau de Versailles, Paris

Here are a number of trending Panoramas on the DMD site:

Nicolae Pitis , Poienile Botizei 2012 512
Druid's Temple

I think you can agree that these truly evoke a narrative about the spaces they were taken in.

Happy Panorama!

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