Thursday, 20 February 2014

Creative App (Photography): Afterlight

Hello Readers,

A year ago, I bought myself an iPad.  In spite of the debate surrounding Apple vs Android, I have to say that I love my Apple device and it has changed my life.  This is in no disrespect to Android - I don't own any Android devices so I have no debate to offer.  This post is therefore written from the perspective of an Apple user.

I am often caught (embarassingly so) taking photos with my iPad.  This is because:
1. I am a dork
2. I love documenting my observations through pictures &
3. This is my cellphone:

Cellphone incapable of photography.
Image taken with iPad ;-)

Afterlight is a photograph editing app which I downloaded last year onto my iPad.  It offers the same retro editing capabilities as Instagram, however it is not a direct social platform.  After editing a photo, you can share it on any one of the major social platforms or save it to your camera roll.

Here are some examples of the raw image above edited on Afterlight:

Afterlight offers users standard photo editing tools (brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, highlights etc.) but combines this utility with options of filters and frames as well as light leaks and spots which can be added in preferred combinations.  This provides the user more control in upgrading a photo to communicate the intended spirit.

As an amateur photographer, I have used Afterlight to upgrade my photos in a way that they are presentable enough that I am proud of them.  Here are more examples:

Afterlight is currently only available on iOS and will become available for Android users this year (2014).

What are your favourite photo editing apps?

I'd love to hear from you, please leave a comment.

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